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November 11, 2018 Blog

Dark souls 3 series, launched in April 2016, are a game highly drenched with action and thrill. It is a role-playing video game apt for all the ages. Much of the youth who knew how to get a hold of this game, found to be engaged and hooked with this series whereas some broke their PC’s in utter frustration. This game certainly hypnotizes you because of its graphics and fantastic techniques. In this article, we are going to cover all about the dark souls 3 soul farming, giving you some basic information about the game with least spoilers.


The most thrilling and exotic thing about this game is that you can build your own character, depending upon your likes. However, if you’re playing this game for the first time then Knight is your best option to use. It has a long sword and a protective shield that can be taken in a long way.


In this game, only two gifts are important which are the Life Ring and the Fire Gem. If you are new to this game then you should consider using the Fire Gem and pin it to your sword as soon as possible as it will help you to stay alive.


Dark souls 3 soul farming has much more variety of weapons than any other souls game till now. This is because of the diversified qualities and uniqueness of the weapons that will certainly toughen up your gameplay. However, start with an ax and when your level starts to increase change your weapon accordingly.


Dark Souls series are all about exploration to find you secret items, shortcuts, and minibosses. Optional but stronger enemies may contain a lot of powerful items. Thus, don’t run away, instead, try to kill these enemies to get your hands on more powerful and resourceful items. Farming location in the dark souls 3 soul farming is the location where you can buy items and souls. To increase the soul farming you must get your hands on the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, Shield of Want, Mendicant’s Staff, and Symbol of Avarice.


There are different locations for soul farming in the dark souls 3 soul farming game.

At Every Main Boss Room and Pontiff Bonfire: This location is best for the gamers who can’t stick to one location for longer times. This location keeps up the adrenaline rush and constant battle with the enemies in order to gain some souls.

Lothric Fortress Bonfire: This one is the easiest farming spot. Just kill the enemy exactly beside the blaze. Then take some rest and repeat. This will gain you approximately 5900 souls per run and you can quip yourself with greater items and goods.

Anor Londo Bonfire: If you want the best place to gain a lot of souls, then this is the best place. When you will reach this location climb the stairways and attract the Spear Knight. After that, kill the Sword Knight. Killing these two enemies may give you 9900 souls per run.

There are many other locations available for soul hunting and making this game thriller-than-expected.


As you can notice that this game is the king of thriller and action, so you must get your hands out of your pockets and onto these lavish dark souls 3 soul farming game. It will definitely change your life to a better one and you will be a real-life hunter after all! This kill-to-win game is right around your corner and just a click away. Thus, give yourself a treat and start playing dark souls 3 soul farming.

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