DBZ Space or Dokkan Battle Global is an Adventure/Puzzle game by Bandai Namco aimed to provide high-grade fan service to climb up the charts. It is a free game launched on iOS and Android. The game starts with the user playing as a time police to find the cause of the dimensional distortion in the Dragon Ball Z world. The user is then partnered with the Future Trunks and the game follows a unique story as that of DBZ because of the dimensional distortion.

Typically, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Global consists of three parts i.e. a card collector, part board game, and tapping game. There isn’t been a much gameplay and the user often sits around and wait for the new orders while going through a lot of fight scenes. Worry no more, because a true Dragon Ball fan is unlikely to get bored by the intense fighting scenes.

Game Characters

When it comes to the favorite characters, the Dokkan Battle does not follow the same storyline as that of the Anime or Manga. For example, players like Goku, Yamcha, Krillin, and Gohan may be fighting alongside the deadly villains like Vegeta, Frieza, and Burter.

According to the Dokkan Battle, the main reason why the storyline of the gameplay is different from the original series is that a mysterious person used the Dragon Balls to mingle with time and space. As discussed earlier, the main player and the Future trunks are then united to find that person.

Main Objective

The main objective of the DBZ Space game is to collect as many cards as possible – irrespective of the evil and good ones. After collecting multiple cards and setting up a team, a game board is formed showcasing the temporary power-ups, different spots to have an upper hand over the enemy, and other things to make the fighters stronger.

Pros of DBZ Space

  • All characters, roles, and cameos and directly taken from the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z series – making it look like a wholesome series.
  • High-end and well-animated fighting scenes – the graphics are outstanding.
  • DBZ Space features both board games and action games.

Cons of DBZ Space

  • The stamina of characters in the gameplay is depleted in no time.
  • The game is too simple with straightforward fighting mechanics. On the other hand, the whole Dragon Ball series is about complex fighting mechanics.

No doubt, the fighting system of the Dokkan Battle Global is a lot easier than games like Final Fantasy Record Keeper or Puzzle & Dragons, but the epic fight scenes and gameplay makes it an ideal choice for DB enthusiasts. Moreover, the Dragon Ball Z fans can customize their team, strategize the game, and collect characters either from manga or anime.

On the other hand, if you are not a Dragon Ball Franchise fan, you may drop the Dokkan Battle game within the first few gaming sessions. Though Dragon Ball nerds will act like Gohan chased the hunk of denoiser meat back then.