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Discord on PS4 – Everything You Need to Know About!

November 10, 2018 Blog

Are you a video gamer and tired of searching again and again to find the best solution to connect discord on PS4? When it comes to console gaming, gamers must keep track of two things i.e. talking to everyone on the team and organizing the players to do certain tasks to get the game going.

Discord is one of the best solutions that solves the communication problem in console gaming – including PS4. It is a free platform that allows the players to communicate through features like a message board, chat lobby, and voice chat. Discord has made the communication easier for games like PUBG.

Connect Discord on PS4 for Better Communication

With its advanced features and smooth communication, discord has already reached 90 million users with 14 million daily users. However, you might be worried about the lack of its console support. Well, follow this post and learn more about how you can connect the same headset for PC to PS4 using Discord.

  • Find a headset with a USB and an optical connection.
  • Now connect the optical cable of the headset to the rear of the mixamp and connect the other side of the cable to the PS4.
  • Now open the console “Settings” and Click “Sound and Screen”.
  • Change under the Audio Output settings, change the Primary Output Port to “Optical” or “Digital Out”.
  • The next step is to plug the USB cable into the mixamp and your computer. Make sure the mixamp is in PC mode at this stage.
  • To enter in PC mode, press and hold the power button of your mixamp until the white light turns on. The white light means you have entered the PC mode.
  • Now launch the Discord on your desktop PC and select the input device as mixamp.
  • Now the headset may be recognized by the Discord, but you still can’t hear anything, right?
  • Use a 3.5mm cable and plug it in the output of your PC speakers and the other end to your headset.
  • Open the voice settings in discord and set the output of the device to mixamp.
  • Enjoy quality gaming with Discord on PS4.

Discord on PS4 comes with the same features as that of PC. For example, if all your squad is playing different games, there is an option to open a separate voice-chat network while still being able to communicate with them.

Let’s us if the above solution worked for you to connect discord on PS4. In case of further questions, feel free to leave a reply below.