What is G2A?

G2A is a system where you can buy games/game skins/coins/software for cheaper and instantly.

Basically it’s a big re-seller website like amazon with some great features.

It has its own, as they call “ecosystem” with products such as g2a pay, g2a plus, g2a direct, g2a deal, g2a loot, g2a esports, g2a news and so on, with more than 99.29% satisfied customers(according to 2017 August data).

They have 20 second purchase, competitive pricing and VAT included prices.

Main thing which separates G2A from its competitors, is that you can sell video games and earn some money. So as said it’s like ebay or amazon for video gamers.

While buying a game, there is a checkbox to select g2a shield, but what it does and is it really worth it?

Is G2A shield worth it?

When buying a game you have an option to select and activate G2A shield.

With this option you can:

  • Get 24/7 Customer support in case of emergencies
  • Transaction with additional assurance and multiple benefits(whatever that means)
  • Your support ticket will get top priority
  • G2a price match – you will get best price
  • Fraud protection

Also g2a is offering g2a shield subscription, where you can have 30 day trial, afterwards 1EUR monthly subscription fee. You will get everything what’s on standart g2a shield plus:

  • You will get up to 10% when paying with g2a wallet
  • Priority pre-order delivery

In case you are wondering if you will get your money back in case of fraud(yes it could happen sometimes, since many unknown people are selling their keys there) without g2a shield – yes you will get it back.

So money back is not the case while buying g2a shield.

I would say it’s not really worth it to buy one-time g2a shield since there are not many valuable benefits you could get with it.

But if you buy more than 1 game per month, it’s worth paying 1 EUR fee to get all benefits.

If you are buying steam key of the game which has online mode, then it’s worth the price, because in some cases your key might be deactivated.

Our Verdict: Yes and no


is G2A legit? (is G2A safe?)

G2A is totally legal, but there are some aspects if it’s safe. Like whole internet there are plenty of bad or fraud-alike people, so if you are going to buy please check from which user you are buying. User should have decent rating, many successful sells, good feedback rating. Some users report that many keys sold there are bought with carded or stolen credit cards.

If you are worried about having some bad experiences, there is also an option to buy a game from g2a itself, so no other user is included in your ordering process.

In any case, you can get your money back without any misunderstandings

Our Verdict: Yes, it’s safe


Sites like G2A

There are some good alternatives to g2a. One is our website – mygameprice.com! Other closest competitors is kinguin.com, g2play.net, greenmangaming.com, instantgaming.com, hrkgame.com, cdkeys.com or even ebay.com or amazon.com.