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ps4 couch co op games

What are the best ps4 couch co op games?

November 7, 2018 Blog

Playing online games can provide you with a fascinating experience. Due to this reason, most of the people prefer to spend their money to get gaming consoles as well. When you purchase a PS4, you start looking for the best multiplayer games that are available for you to get your hands on. To make life […]

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Is G2A shield worth it ?

April 5, 2018 Blog

What is G2A? G2A is a system where you can buy games/game skins/coins/software for cheaper and instantly. Basically it’s a big re-seller website like amazon with some great features. It has its own, as they call “ecosystem” with products such as g2a pay, g2a plus, g2a direct, g2a deal, g2a loot, g2a esports, g2a news and […]

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Battle royale games

January 27, 2018 Blog

​Battle Royale games – this is the type of game, that you can actually call a real GAME. You get everything what you need to get in a rich gameplay – multiplayer, shooting, crafting, intense action and Kill-To-Win. Only one player wins and everyone else must die – sounds cool, right? Although this type is […]

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