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Stardew Valley Sebastian

February 22, 2019 Blog

Stardew Valley brings you a game which is filled with numerous tasks that will help you have a really good time. In the village it is always a good idea to interact with people and make friends which will get your friendship points and bonuses.

Strengthen your bond with your friends by talking to them and giving them gifts. This will help you have a heart event with your companion which can turn into a marriage later. A great way to get to know people and bond with them well!

Stardew Valley is a place that will provide you the opportunity to do a lot more than just farming. Have a connection with your friends which would help you get to know them better. Have a social life and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Stardew Valley Romance Options

Stardew Valley is a place which has numerous places to hang out. There are twelve characters in total from which you can choose from. The best thing about this game is that there is no gender specification. Whether you want to marry a girl or a boy it is totally up to you. Sexual orientations are supported where it is your personal preference who to choose from.

It is all about talking and giving gifts. Villagers are made to meet in several places where they can hang around and get to know each other better. In order to make sure the character likes you, you need to show interest in people. Know about their schedule and participate in their lives. Spend time with them so that you are able to find the ideal gift for them.

After you gain the respective heart event with that character you can marry them. The baby will appear after 14 days in the crib in the nursery.


Sebastian is one of the twelve characters in the game. He is available for you to date or get married to. Sebastian lives with his parents. He usually stays with his friends and keeps to himself. His sisters name is Maru who is a local star of the family. Maru grabs most of the attention from the parents. Sebastian prefers to stay with his family and avoids talking to people he doesn’t know.

Favorite pass times of Sebastian include playing computer games and comics along with sci-fi books. He is a good player who spends a lot of time on his computer which highlights that he doesn’t socialize. He has a good heart. However, if you want to know him better you need to do a lot to make him spend time with you.

What kind of gifts does Sebastian like?

If you are wondering what to give Sebastian as a gift here is a lift of things that he likes and the things he doesn’t. Since he doesn’t socialize a lot you can review these items to decide what he likes best.


  • Void Egg
  • Obsidian
  • Pumpkin soup
  • Sashimi
  • Quartz
  • Universal Likes


  • Dandelion
  • Salmonberry
  • Holly
  • Morel
  • Flowers
  • Winter Root
  • Wild Horseradish
  • Purple Mushroom
  • Hazelnut
  • Chanterelle
  • Leek
  • Common Mushroom
  • Chanterelle

Sebastian’s Schedule

In order to get to know him better it is important that you know his routine. This will help you know the time that is best to hang around with him. Moreover, it will assist you in to gaining good heart events so that if you love each other you can get married and have kids too.

Spring. In this season Sebastian stays at home from Sunday to Wednesday. He will play on his computer or watch comic books. However, one thing most of us don’t quite know about Sebastian is that he smokes sometimes. He goes to the lake at around 6:20 pm to the lake to smoke a cigarette. He is at home on Thursday till 12:00 pm and then goes to the train where he smokes. Fridays are when you can meet him at the Saloon playing pool with Sam.

Summer. Sebastian stays at home from Sunday till Wednesday. He goes to the lake to smoke at 6:20 pm. Then on Thursday he visits the RR tunnel. He doesn’t go on the Thursday 4th which is when he is available at the clinic working. On Friday, he meets Sam where the two, play snooker. On Saturday he usually goes to visit Sam to his house. They stay at home and then go to the lake together. F

Fall. In Fall he spends most of his time outside the house. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday he’s at home. He goes to the lake at 12:00 pm and then comes home after spending two hours at the lake. On Thursday he is at the train station from 3:00 pm. He finds the place very nice and comfortable to smoke. On Friday, Sebastian plays pool just the way he does and Saturday he gives all of him time to Sam. They play pool together, walk around and smoke by the lake. Sunday is when he’s at home till 12:00. He goes to the lake after that and spends two hours there.

Winter. From Sunday to Wednesday, Sebastian is at home until 6:30 pm. Later he goes to the river. On Thursday he goes to the railroad. Friday is again his time to play pool. On Saturday he hangs around by the lake with his dear friend, Sam.

Sebastian has a thing for Abigail. When things are great between Sebastian and Abigail, he doesn’t feel really happy. He might stay at home on Thursday. Moreover, if it’s raining his mood will not be happiest. If you are looking forward to approach Sebastian and hang around avoid doing so on a rainy day. He will stay at home and will not want to talk to someone he does not quite know.

Pair up with the character you have the most interest in. Know what they like and what do they love to do in their pass time. This will help you connect with them and become very close companions.