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"Spartan Assault is an uninspired twin-stick shooter dressed up in Halo's art and sound."
58/100 - Dan Stapleton

"Halo: Spartan Assault is a pretty fun twin-stick shooter that works even without its relationship to the core Halo franchise. Xbox One users should certainly try it out if they're fans of the genre, but first-person shooter fans might want to wait until Halo makes its proper debut on the Xbox One in the future."
80/100 - Andrei Dobra

"Spartan Assault proves that Halo can power a solid and entertaining twin-stick shooter. Though short stages and annoying mobile holdovers can spoil the fun, we have our fingers crossed for more - so long as future games remember that what works on a mobile device sometimes isn't fit for the living room."
60/100 - Jonathan Lester

"This game does nothing for the reputation of a series that was already shaken after the departure of Bungie – it would serve Microsoft well to re-focus the Halo franchise purely on what it does best."
40/100 - Robin Parker

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The self-proclaimed elite corporate spy Asaru and his deadweight partner Kanoko are hired for a new job in a dreary world dominated by corporations. Their mission? Infiltrate the mega corporation, Negabot. Dash, evade, and smash your way to the truth in this fast paced action game. No secret is safe from THIS bombastic spy duo!

Key Features

Stylish Spy Action Comedy
Blast through an army of security robots and save a company that was taken over by terrorists!

High Speed Dash Combat
Dodge bullets with a dash, and finish off enemies with fancy combo moves!

Dynamic Action
Defeating enemies unlocks new moves, which can be used to chain together insane combos with stylish finishing moves!

One Story with Two Sides
Play through the game as the professional, yet hapless spy, Asaru; or the rowdy and reckless CIA agent, Amelia! Each character has a unique playstyle, and a story that intertwines with each other!


Asaru Vito is a self-proclaimed elite company spy.
However, because he always ends up paired with the clumsy Kanoko Yotsuba, most of his missions are failures. His performance hit rock bottom…
Just when things couldn’t get any worse, he was assigned to spy on the global mega corporation, Negabot. Even with the worst partner ever, he now has to work at a major company, so the worst has yet to begin for Asaru!

The company has been taken over by terrorists!?
OK, let me take a swing at them!!!

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