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"The contrasting gameplay styles, a beautifully designed world, and interesting characters combine into a delightful game that just doesn't last long enough. Trinket Studios should be proud of their efforts, and I'm looking forward to whatever is next out of its kitchen."
85/100 - Jason Fanelli

"If you're getting a sense that I'm waffling here between love and meh, you're reading me right. I love the premise of this game, which folds together so many of my favorite things: platformers, mobile-style brain-suck puzzles, sexy orcs and overly complicated meals. And I love so, so much of its execution, especially the gorgeous art and music."
70/100 - Helen Rosner

"Battle Chef Brigade is a delightful snack-sized game that combines its disparate elements in a whimsical, entertaining way. I loved the style and the occasional clever puns. The kitchen battles to be a lot of fun, especially because they were timed, and used match-3 mechanics in an innovative way. If you're a fan of Iron Chef, Studio Ghibli, or both, you'll like enjoy this foray into the world of Victusia."
88/100 - Stephanie Chan

"Battle Chef Brigade is an absolute feast of a game on Switch, with a highly polished story and a brilliant fusion of match-three and action. It might be coming out in a busy time of year, but this is a game not to be missed."
90/100 - Neal Ronaghan

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In the fantasy realm of Victusia, the members of the elite Battle Chef Brigade are revered for their ability to skillfully take down monsters and transform their kills into delicious cuisine! But getting in isn’t easy; chefs from across Victusia must vie for their spot in a high stakes competition. Follow two contestants, Mina and Thrash, as their journeys through the tournament unfold. In order to become a Brigadier you’ll need to hunt monsters with combo-based attacks and prepare your freshly caught ingredients in puzzle-based cooking challenges to serve up winning dishes to the judges – all while the round clock ticks down.


  • Hand drawn characters and monsters.
  • Two playable chefs, brought to life through unique poses and VO, star in a charming campaign that delves into each character’s personality, combat style, and cuisine.
  • A chef’s pairing of equal parts old school brawler and combo puzzler, served with a side of light RPG progression.
  • Deadly monsters that turn into delicious dishes: subdue them in the arena and get cooking in the kitchen!
  • Daily Cook-Off leaderboards where Battle Chefs show off their culinary creations.
  • Puzzle Rush and Break the Dishes modes for more exciting leaderboard challenges!

Vive la Brigade!

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The art in this is fantastic.

The animation may not be the flashiest but I've heard nothing but good things about the gameplay

I wonder what happened to the animations in the teaser trailer, because they were already looking way better than this

16:26 People's lives are at steak...

If you've been enjoying this game and would like to talk about it, it'd be awesome for you guys to come over to r/BattleChefBrigade or . Right now the community gathered around this is very small, and I think we'll need all the help we can get.

this game seems so adorable <3

Toriko and Souma in one game, sound fun.

this looks janky af

I know you said you did the unfinished in the past, but is this the 'finished'?

Jelly Ghost

this looks like it was made by the people who made avatar and voltron

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