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"Poor Minecraft clone originally for Wii U now available for PC. Playable but nothing special."
50/100 - J�n Kordo�

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Become A Vanguard

CardLife is still in the early stages of its development and we would like to reward those who join us during this stage of our journey. Those who purchase CardLife right now, will become Vanguards! An elite group who will help shape the very cardboard world of CardLife with amazing creations and constructive feedback in the forums which will help us develop the very best game we can.

As a thank you for supporting us during this stage of development you will receive the Vanguard title in game along with two special unique crafting recipes.

  • Light the way with the Vanguard Lamp Post
  • Decorate your building with the Vanguard statue, which is a cardboard recreation of the Vanguard ship from Robocraft.

Vanguard status will only be available during our current stage of development. As we move onto the next stage of development, the Vanguard edition will no longer be available.

Please note: Founders will also receive the Vanguard lamp post and the Vanguard statue.

About the Game

Survive in a vast cardboard world where everything is editable. Play alone or with others as you hunt, harvest and mine for resources to craft your way through the ages. Sculpt the landscape, build huge structures and join the cardboard community.

Encounter and battle a host of fantastical creatures and craft your own creations using our unique Connect the Dots crafting system – where you can draw customisable cardboard shapes to create new tools, building components, weapons and much more!

Increase the power of your character by hunting down rare elite creatures and equipping their souls. Mix and match different souls and equipment to perfectly suit your playstyle.

Additional Features:

  • Play singleplayer, host your own server or play one of our many official dedicated servers
  • Extensive Mod Support – all game files in CardLife are easily editable, allowing players to create all new experiences.
  • A vast and diverse open world including a cavernous underground that can be explored to discover new creatures and resources
  • Regular updates every month add new game features and content

Coming Soon To CardLife

Below is a list of planned content for CardLife. This list is not in chronological order, some of this content is planned to arrive very soon, while others will take much longer to implement. Let us know in the forums what features from the below list you’re most looking forward to:

  • Improved AI behaviours and many more creatures
  • Updated combat mechanics including block, parry and power attacks
  • Underwater exploration and swimming
  • Creature Mounts
  • PVE only servers
  • Land and sea vehicles which include mechs and flying contraptions
  • Dungeons
  • Farming
  • Advanced technological gear and equipment (Grapple hooks, energy swords etc)
  • Building raiding including traps and defences
  • Reactive world including natural disasters
  • Creature soul companions
  • Connect The Dots trim which allows color customisation
  • Guilds, vendors and advanced permissions for building
  • Points of interest added to the map
  • Full modding support for textures, sound, new maps etc
  • Random quests/ custom quests
  • Legendary items
  • Biomes
  • Thirst & Temperature survival mechanics
  • Customisable server options
  • Cooking
  • Alchemy
  • Fully customisable magic system
  • Skills
  • An increase to the map size

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