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"Clicker Heroes styles itself as an idle game in the body of an RPG, but it is really just all of the RPG grind without any of the interesting plot that helps drive you. In the end, the game, if you can call it that, pretty much plays itself. Despite this, it has a surprising amount of depth, though a lot of patience and a great deal of time is needed to uncover it all."
50/100 - Lexley Ford

"Too many brickwalls prevent Clicker Heroes from reaching the "highs" of AdVenture Capitalist, but this is still a frighteningly addictive incremental title. The simplistic gameplay loop means that it's better suited to smartphones, but that doesn't make it any easier to put down once you get started – even on the PS4."
50/100 - Sammy Barker

"Clicker genre does not fit for the consoles and Clicker Heroes is the good example for that. Strangely addictive pointless game, which makes more sense on the PC."
70/100 - Daniel Stroński

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About the Game

Clicker Heroes 2 is a game about the feeling of getting amazing powerups. You will embark on a never-ending journey to defeat mythical creatures, progressing through an infinite number of worlds. There will always be another upgrade.

1.52e394+ Hours Of Gameplay!


Hop from zone to zone to defeat monsters and purchase gear and upgrades that will help you reach higher zones. Once you’re strong enough, advance from world to world where you’ll find even more powerful monsters and unlock even better upgrades!

Unlock tons of satisfying skills to help you kill monsters faster. Big Clicks, Huge Click, Multiclick, and more. Find the perfect combination and rotation for maximum DPS!

Conquer a vast number of worlds and defeat their unique monsters in search of more gold and experience!

Customize the Automator to play the game for you while you’re away. Automatically level up your gear, buy new gear, and create complex skill combos. Maximize your efficiency by crafting the perfect Automator sequences.

Choose your own path to success with hundreds of amazing upgrades for your stats and skills in the massive skill tree. Play the game the way you want to!

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