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Game Story :

A virus that can turn people into selfish-zombies has spread throughout the country. The SELFISH-ZOMBIE VIRUS CARRIERS are attempting to flee the country.
In order to control the selfish zombies virus, a secret laboratory has created a anti-zombie virus Coronavirus to against it.
Your purpose is to prevent the selfish zombie virus carriers from escaping and infecting others.
You must destroy the carriers as much as possible and collect more DNA to develop more lethal trait properties and clear the carriers before they develop corresponding immunity.

Game Features :
Coronavirus Attack is a simple shooting game with upgrades.

You Start with a small virus. By shooting your virus you can infect and replicate your DNA in the selfish zombie carriers. With enough DNA can make you evolve new traits. Traits like spread more further, more rapidly more deadly, more enormous and more…

There are more than 10 Traits for you the choose, you can choose your way to be a unique and strong virus, and try the most efficient way to conquer the world.

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