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"An interesting puzzle game that offers a nice challenge with a visual design that doesn't live up to modern standards."
75/100 - Emmanuel González

"If you were the kind of child who has sat knee deep in Lego making spaceships and buildings or were found surrounded by the guts of a clock looking up at bewildered parents. Crazy Machines 3 will engage you for a long time to come, if for no other reason than so you can work out new and interesting ways to shoot pigs on skis into space!"
90/100 - Christian Wootton

"Many years later I find myself reviewing Crazy Machine 3, a game that strikes hard at my nostalgia chord."
70/100 - Steven Ritz

"Crazy Machines 3 delivers on the machines and delivers on the crazy, and although it isn't for everyone there's a select group that'll love and cherish it despite its quirks. Unfortunately, it’s missing a hook, and has just enough quirks in the core gameplay that makes it frustrating for anyone outside that group. And a lot of cool ideas are held back by a few frustrating gameplay mechanics that need to be ironed out before Crazy Machines 4."
67/100 - Christopher Atwood

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Your cloning device doesn’t start at all? No worries!

With the help of a teapot we nudge the anvil from the shelf, it hits the fridge, the door opens, a egg rolls out, drops into to pan, it tilts and hits the rocket’s launch button which takes off and hits the cloning device and it’s done! Heureka! The brilliant chain reaction is completed!

Thereupon the machine is starting to clone like crazy and finally it spits out one tasty sandwich after another.

Sounds exiting? That was nothing! It’s just a usual start of day for the assistant of the wacky Professor in Crazy Machines.

But now your days as poorly paid assistant in FRONT of the PC monitor are finally over!

From now on you take the matter into your own hands!

Right in the very center of the machine!

In the Virtual Reality!

And for the very first time ever: As the Crazy Professor himself!

One day you receive a mysterious package. Its content is radiating a strange kind of energy. By opening the package with help of a unnecessary complicated machinery you unleash a unforeseen wacky chain of events.

Go on an incredible and ludicrous journey across unexplored dimensions and fascinating worlds – you can even dive into the chaotic mind of the professor!

Make your head spin with wacky physical puzzles!

And if the laser gun drops into the toilet 10 times in row instead of lighting the fuse… Then you probably have to re-arrange some machine parts.

Otherwise you can also try to get some helpful hints from your extremely grumpy assistant-bot!

Or you can relax your grey cells in the completely brand-new sandbox rooms. In there you can burst colored balloons, smack up a rebellious dummy and clone some proper boxing gloves for that as well!


  • Play the latest installment of the award-winning puzzle classic in VR!

  • Explore numerous impressive worlds and game mechanics in 40 different levels.

  • In the Virtual Reality you are in the very center of the action! Find some genius solutions for the many riddles!

  • For the very first time in the history of Crazy Machines you aren’t the assistant anymore! Finally YOU are the crazy professor!

  • Have a lot of fun in the new toy rooms! Throw some baskets high above the clouds or play a round at the pinball table.

  • Countless beautiful details want to be discovered by you in the machines and in the gaming world!

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