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"In the end, the Devil May Cry HD Collection is a lazy port of a set of lazy ports from six years ago, but it is technically the best way to play two fantastic games – and also Devil May Cry 2."
50/100 - Colin Stevens

"____________________ “While there is something to be said for maintaining the original game, calling it a remaster really ought to have some modern comforts."
70/100 - Alexander Thomas

"I was a bit torn on what to rate this collection. If you're basing it on the games alone and you're a first-time player, then this is easily a 4/5 star title. On the flip side, if you've already played, owned and beaten these games and already have the HD Collection that was released in 2012, then this is a 2/5 because Capcom didn't even bother adding anything worth re-purchasing this title for outside of owning it on current gen for convenience."
70/100 - Josh Piedra

"Although the remaster work is closer to none (and theres even some little details from the originals that have been lost), these are two of the best stylish action games of all time (and Devil May Cry 2). If you've never played these games, this is the perfect time to do it: you'll hit the jackpot."
74/100 - Álvaro Alonso

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The popular stylish action games Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition return in one collection! As Dante, the ultimate devil hunter, you’ll join forces with appealing characters such as Trish, Lady, and Lucia and enjoy incredible action for the first time in blistering 60fps.

Devil May Cry: The first appearance of Dante, the ultimate devil hunter! With the blood of a legendary demon warrior flowing through his veins, Dante takes on the king of the underworld, Mundus.

Devil May Cry 2: Dance with the devil. Set decades after the first game, this sequel adds moves like the wall run and Rain Storm, bringing Dante’s action to the next level of stylishness. The bonus mode Bloody Palace also makes its debut.

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition: This prequel to the first Devil May Cry introduces Vergil, Dante’s twin brother. Customize your game style by selecting from various styles to level up and gain new moves and abilities.

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