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"Space Colony is a quirky and charming package that packs focus that previous sim games lack. While it's clearly getting on in age, it's still a timeless gem in some regards, and easy to recommend to those who have not yet played it."
85/100 - Niko DelValle

"Space Colony: Steam Edition brings a classic game to the present with a great deal of polish applied. In a way it is surprising just how well the gameplay has held up after twelve years. Every character brings their own quirks and needs which have to be managed, though some characters are more prominent than others. The strangeness of seeing some things interact properly while others ignore it can take you out of the zone for a moment, but, as far as sim management games go, Space Colony is one that is worth checking out."
80/100 - Aran Suddi

"Space Colony is not without its charm or satisfaction, but you'll want all the idiotic colonists to die long before you reach the credits."
55/100 - Chris Capel

"Space Colony: Steam Edition is clearly reaching out from a time way back when video game design used to be more forgiving. It's got a lot of flaws, but it also has a ton of personality, and it offers a pretty solid space colony management experience, albeit one a little on the light side."
75/100 - Radu Haulica

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Eroico is a colorful, lighthearted platformer with monster-girls and sexual content. Journey across the land, battling and escaping the grasp of monster-girl foes in your quest to defeat the demon lord!

Contains 3 stages with 15 monster girls, each with their own unique sex animation and CG.
Also contains a gallery, which allows you to easily view previously unlocked content.

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