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Eternal Magic is a new MMORPG set in the high fantasy universe where adventures await behind every corner! The game offers a spellbinding storyline, a variety of seasonal PvE events, ranked PvP, MOBA mode, player-owned private estate, a robust guilds system, as well as a deep social element… There’s never a dull moment in Terrasia!

Key features:

Invent your own battle strategy!

Make sure that your character is ready to fulfil any number of combat roles by combining skills from diverse categories and further fine-tuning them with potent runes! Pick a class specialization best suited for your play style, then enhance it with a unique scheme of runes and abilities.

Wide range of PvP activities!

Prove yourself on the battlefield: capture control points and steal enemy flags in classic PvP modes, or lead your forces to victory on special MOBA maps. Stay on your guard while exploring the vast landscape of Lava Rift – an open world PvP area where every player is fair game! Join forces with guildmates, surprise your opponents with versatile tactics, and dominate the GvG scene!

Advanced pets!

Tired of in-game pets that do nothing but look cute? In Eternal Magic pets aren’t just for show – they can fight and grow alongside your character! Find a pet you like, level them up, obtain special pet equipment, and you will gain a permanent companion, capable of turning the tide of battle with their own powerful awakening skill!

Dynamic in-game community!

The game’s mechanics include many immersive ways to communicate and interact with fellow players: complete quests in coop, throw guild parties in your own seaside villa, get married and ride mounts with your significant other, compete against others in popularity contests, put on the mantle of a wise teacher and help characters of lower level get stronger, reaping the rewards of mentorship… And, of course, clear dungeons and defeat intimidating bosses together with your friends and loyal allies!

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