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"An intricately detailed RTS, Men of War: Assault Squad 2 is packed with features and refuses to tell you how to use them."
75/100 - Ian Birnbaum

"There's a lot to this game and I cannot recommend it to anyone new to the genre as tutorial does almost nothing to help you learn the game. For hardcore RTS fans out there, I suspect that this game will be right up your ally. It's a fun game and there is a lot of content to it, and it offers some features unusual to the genre, but if you played the original there may not be much for you here. The game supports Steam Workshop, though, and the developer, Digitalmindsoft has guaranteed that it will release free game updates including new features, so hopefully this resolves that critical problem over time."
70/100 - Jim S.

"Not without flaws then, but it's a game still capable of providing you with some epic cinematic showdowns, particularly in those new 8v8 multiplayer matches. If you like your war games expansive and unforgiving, and don't mind overcoming some lingering issues with awkward presentation and excessive micromanagement, Men of War: Assault Squad 2 provides an exciting and singular war gaming experience."
70/100 - Nick Horth 2

"Worst of all, I had the feeling that I was playing the game wrong despite my best efforts, which is an odd feeling to leave the player with. I want to like this game, but I’m not sure if it wants me to."
60/100 - Mike Ellum

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Executive Assault 2 is an indie real-time strategy/first-person shooter-hybrid set in space in which you can jump into the boots of individual units. Take the reigns as a CEO of your own corporation and dominate rival factions for wealth and tech in a galactic wild west of chaos and lawlessness.

Play Executive Assault 2 in multiple ways including:

RTS mode
Command your fleet aboard the bridge of your space station from a top-down perspective. Mine resources on nearby asteroids to produce a wealth of goods to sell to passing traders and grow your armies; Be careful: rival corporations and rebellious protestors will do all they can to thwart your aspirations of intergalactic domination!

FPS mode
Fed up of watching the action from above and want to dive in and blow stuff up yourself? Seamlessly switch from RTS to FPS mode for manic fast-paced combat; weather that’s playing as a footsoldier defending your base or in the cockpit of a starship under your control.

Executron mode
Help friends run their company in multiplayer mode, with one player assuming the role of CEO and tactician and the other, a soldier or ship unit, with all the loot split straight down the middle.

Main Features:

  • Unique combination of real-time unit command gameplay and fast-paced FPS action
  • Customizable corporation, unit and product names and emblem designs
  • Build your very own fully explorable space station
  • Design and construct dozens of starship fleets
  • Take starfighters out into space for epic dogfights
  • Manufacture goods to sell to traders to make a profit and grow your armies
  • Research over 60 technologies for more powerful units and better upgrades
  • Invade other space stations for resources or show no mercy by blowing them up!
  • Build multiple Super Weapons, including the system-destroying Monolith ship
  • Random encounters.

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