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Developer’s words

Hello, everyone!
This game is made by myself, and there are still many shortcomings. I really need your valuable suggestions and opinions!
By the way, my English is not very well, but I’m working hard to make this game translated better. If you have any suggestions about the translation, please contact me!
Thank you very much!

Hope this game can leave you a good memory!

About the Game

Powerful and Diverse Upgrade

  • Fast numerical growth – Most upgrades can improve the ability of the character. Just enjoy it !
  • Bullet splitting effect – Some upgrades can give your bullets a special splitting effect. Different types of bullet splitting effects can be combined freely. You can even use them to draw various strange patterns.
  • Bullet growth effect – Some upgrades can give your bullet special growth ability. Different types of bullet growth effects can be combined freely, which makes your bullets have interesting changes from the moment of shooting.
  • Character special effects – Some upgrades can give your character various special effects, such as automatic tracking missile, recovery ability, bullet burst and so on. Build your own build by yourself!

Interesting and Novel Character Formation!

  • Hard core numerical system – The game character has more than ten RPG numerical character attributes, each of which shows the source and calculation formula of its bonus with a high degree of visualization to meet the needs of hard core data control players.
  • Nine characteristic roles – Each role has different attributes, advantages and disadvantages, and characteristic skills. Soldier with shields, sniper causing amazing damage, magician with magic bullet circle around them, double gunner with infinite displacement sprint, triple gunner with bullet storm, summoner with bullet capable of automatically searching for enemies, cannon gunner with bullet capable of penetrating enemies, shotgun with dozens of bullets fired in a short time, and machinegun who crush enemies with body shape advantage .Who is your favorite?
  • Colorful character variation – There are 12 different variant colors for you to choose. They can bring different bonus to your character. Through the combination of character attributes and color variation, you can build your unique game style.
  • Deep character growth – Permanently strengthen the character’s ability with the stars gained in the battle. The enhancement of a single character can also strengthen all characters, so that you can enjoy the benefits of previous training for other characters while switching new characters.

Intense and Exciting Combat Experience!

  • Arena battlefield – Dozens of different types of enemies swarmed in from all directions. Can you resist attacks again and again?
  • Bullet free Barrage – Enemies use their bodies to form a barrage and attack until the end of the game. Evasion is no longer the only survival skill. Only attack can guarantee survival!

Find Your Own Game Experience!

  • Multi level game difficulty level – Too simple to fight? No problem! You are free to increase the difficulty of the battle and get bonus reward. Step up from F to S + and challenge your limits.
  • Customizable difficulty options – Want to play something new? That’s all right. Before each round of combat, you can freely combine the 12 unique difficulty options in the main menu to create your own unique experience.
  • Challenging endless mode – Not enough to play after beating the game? Endless mode it’s coming! The difficulty of endless mode level will increase by leaps and bounds, and reward with rich star rewards. Make good use of endless mode to cultivate your character!

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