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O.M.G Edition

First, save the world in the most violent way possible.

Then have a look behind the scenes on how the Apocalypse was designed, take the music of God’s Trigger with you on the road, and spruce up your desktop with some cool world-saving art.

The God’s Trigger – O.M.G Edition comes with:

  • God’s Trigger (obviously)
  • Artbook with more than 70 pages of character drawings and level design concepts (some pretty cool stuff there!)
  • Original soundtrack with over 40 minutes of music from the game in mp3 and lossless FLAC formats (vinyl is still TBA)
  • 10 high-resolution wallpapers with art from the game (because there’s no such thing as too much cool art)
  • A short digital comic book (for those who like art AND story)

Upcoming Free Content

FREE CONTENT coming to God’s Trigger. Welcome the beginning of the End!

God’s Trigger is now live and we’re so glad you’re here with us on this bloodsoaked journey through torrents of bullets and fiery explosions. The Apocalypse is upon us and needs to be stopped, like ASAP. But this is not everything we have planned for God’s Trigger, oh no sirree!

You already know that God’s Trigger is all about kicking it back with your friends to kick some Horsemen butt with guns and fiery chains. We all love couch co-op, but we also want you to play with people on couches other than yours. That’s why in May we will add ONLINE CO-OP to God’s Trigger!

One of the things you can do in God’s Trigger after (and during) stopping the Apocalypse is timed slayage in the Arcade Mode. Randomly generated enemies, ticking clock, a bucketload of guns, and you. To give you more bang for your buck we will add MORE (even tougher) ARCADE LEVELS in June.

Get your trigger fingers ready, because the End is never the end!

About the Game

When an Angel and a Demon team up to kill their way into Heaven and stop the apocalypse, bullets will fly and blood will be shed.

Play solo or in with a friend and burst through a room in a matter seconds killing enemies with a bucketload of weapons, special abilities, and melee options in a show of blood and explosions!

Kill enemies in the most graphic way possible!
Make split-second decisions, dodge bullets and inflict violence in a highly stylized, fast-paced bloodbath.

Each character brings their own unique powers. With a treasure trove of weapons and customizable special abilities you have the means to annihilate your enemies in just the way you like.

Two heroes working together will slay enemies twice as fast! Switch freely between Harry and Judy, the Angel and the Demon, at any moment in solo mode, or grab a friend and work together in co-op for even greater bloodshed!

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