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GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR- Steam CD key Reviews

"Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- is one of these pieces of software that, although its level of quality is worthy of applause, as a product alone, is almost "offensive" towards consumers. To summarise, this is a great fighter… but approach only if you haven't spent any money on the previous instalment, since it's almost the same deal… Not to mention that half of its newly added roster is hidden behind a pretty high price tag."
60/100 - Ofisil

"As a fighting game fan, having new systems to learn has been great fun and the design of the characters and the world is instantly enjoyable if you like Japanese fighting games and/or anime. With the detailed tutorial and introduction of the Stylish control mode, it's far more approachable for new players, but the complexity of the story and how little it does to help people jump on quickly may rub people the wrong way."
70/100 - Tom Bickmore

"An excellent fighting engine, superb visuals, incredible teaching tools, and ridiculous design chops make Guilty Gear -REVELATOR- one of the best fighting games around. Those who are happy with -SIGN- may balk at the price, but everyone else, from fans to newcomers, should be more than happy with what's on offer. If you're ready to rock, Guilty Gear is happy to oblige."
90/100 - Will Borger

"Guilty Gear Xrd –Revelator- makes some amazing innovations in tutorials, lobbies, modes, and new characters that no one will notice because there simply isn't enough here to warrant purchasing the game again at full price. It's a shame, too, because many fighting games can learn from its exhaustive teaching tools."
80/100 - Angelo M. D'Argenio

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Digital Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition comes with the following DLC contents already in-game for you!
– Additional Playable Characters “Kum Haehyun”, “Dizzy” and “Raven”
– System Voice Pack (All characters)
– Character Colors Pack (All characters, 6 additional colors each)
– Arrange Costume Set for Elphelt


About the Game

Revolutionary 3D cell-animation graphics further refined, and more game contents added! The next-generation fighting game “GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR-” is now out on Steam!

Carrying on the legacy from 1998, comes the next addition to the “Guilty Gear” series! All visuals have been tweaked to the finest detail and hand-polished by the animation masters to produce the top quality hand-drawn anime effect! Game contents revamped to provide for gamers of all skill levels, you cannot miss out on this one!

Totally unique cast of 23 characters!

In “REVELATOR” we have 6 new characters from the previous of the series, namely “Johnny”, “Jack-O'”, “Kuradoberi Jam”, “Kum Haehyun”, “Raven” and “Dizzy”, coming to a total number of 23 playable characters!

*”Kum Haehyun”, “Raven” and “Dizzy” can be unlocked by purchasing their respective DLCs. “Raven” can also be unlocked using in-game currency.

Extensive Game Modes

Beginners can feel at ease with our step-by-step training program, from Tutorial Mode being remodified into an action game to learn the ropes, to the introduction of Stylish Mode that allows easy inputs for Special Attacks, and many more! You can also visit the in-game FAQ to find out answers to popular questions on how to get strong!

For players who already somewhat know their bearings in Fighting Games, we have the COMBO mode to teach all characters’ worth of their combo potentials, and the MISSION mode to teach about the characters’ general tactics and techniques. There’s also the staple “TRAINING” mode, equipped with tons of features that allow you to recreate the situation of your choice, so as to allow you to train and research!

The well-received STORY mode is now back with more punch! Fully cinematic with the 3D graphics engine, explore the lore and find out.. the REVELATIONS of “Guilty Gear”. There’s also a short introduction to the past series at the start of the story mode, so players new to the series need not fret!


Place your personal ranking score on the stake and battle with other players in “Rank Match”, or simply enjoy the new “Player Match” mode without any frets!

In “Player Match” mode, you can walk around with your own customizable avatars and communicate with other players in the 3D room environment.
You can also place an entry in the “Rank Match” and proceed to play other offline game modes such as TRAINING mode, while waiting for your entry to be paired up.
The replays stored from your matches do not only show the match as-is, but you can also view both you and your opponent’s key inputs, and you can change the camera angle to view the battle from a different perspective!
*Cross-platform to PS3/4 is not supported.

Don’t know where to put in your effort? We’ll show you the way! Be a formidable player in no time with our content-packed support features, in “GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR-“!

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