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Story Background:

This is an asymmetrical multiplayer game with 8 participants, featuring real-time social-networking, like Werewolf.
On Island of Deception, 8 players will be randomly gathered together, who will play airplane crash Survivors on a desolated island. However, Survivors may have secrets that stop them from leaving the island and turn them into Saboteurs. As dusk falls, there will be a storm that takes all life and sweeps the entire island.
In a game of just 10 minutes, the remaining 6 Survivors must work together to log and repair Ship. In the meantime, 2 Saboteurs will hide in the dark and attempt to prevent their opponents from leaving the island.
Thus, a battle of survival and death, trust and deception begins.


Asymmetrical Multiplayer, Werewolf-like Gameplay
Two teams clash. Survivors must work closely to log and repair Ship, and eventually leave the island. Saboteurs would take the opportunity to interfere while maintaining their roles concealed and staying alive. Players need to observe everyone’s behavior and language to expose their hidden roles and purposes. Gaining trust or playing mind tricks. Your poker face is crucial to success.

Varieties of Real-Time Communication
Real-time voice chats, texts, and emojis, all of which are at your disposal. Demonstrate your uncanny skills and control the balance of the battle. Please remember what you see and hear in the game may not be true.

Use Items to Turn the Tide
Please take advantage of in-game items to summon Storm, identify roles, or knock down opponents. Both teams can use these items, and Survivors may even commit sabotage. Discretion and good judgement are always advised.

Unique Characters and Traits
Different characters have varied traits and skills. Wealthy girl, refined gentleman, weird kid…Things are not always as simple as they seem to be. They all have another side, which could be uncovered as the story goes.

More Game Modes
In addition to basic game mode, there are also Guardian Mode and Specter Mode. Guardians and Specters have enhanced special abilities, which will boost the tempo and excitement of the gameplay.

Social-Networking on Gala Isle
Invite friends to visit your exclusive Gala Isle, a space of freedom. You can set up trampolines and fireworks, summon dolphins, and even participate in various mini games on the isle.

Watch Live-Stream and Interact with Streamers
In the game, you can directly watch the real-time matches of the best gamers, learn the routine, give a thumbs-up and interact with them.

Spark Innovation at Workshop
Voice pack? New maps? New gameplay? Use your imagination and come across more surprises!

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