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"Fugitive Games has created a unique twist for typical space strategy games, and what they have will appeal to many looking for something that isn’t Elite Dangerous or a typical real-time strategy game set in space. While it could use a bit of polish, Into the Stars could be the next massively popular title where your ineptitude can kill off your family. Or in this particular case, the remnants of the human race. No pressure at all; just be thankful you won’t die of dysentery."
78/100 - Keri "Pwny" Honea

"Even when you get past the halfway point with people dying, and resources draining, there’s no tension because you’ve done everything you can, and you’re just hopping that the next planet or ship you stumble upon has something of use."
50/100 - Lucas Raycevick

"Humanities last hope... is you!"
72/100 - Chris O

"Into the Stars is a fun adventure with a bit of everything (strategy, action, adventure). It would be just a bit better with improved UI, though. Regardless, it's certainly worth a look."
80/100 - Nathaniel Stevens

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Landinar: Into the Void is an action-packed space adventure in a backwater quadrant under tight control of the empire.

As the player you take control of a captain down on your luck, with more enemies than friends and a knack for getting into trouble. After an unfortunate run-in with the law, the time has come to make a change. Get into your ship and fly out into space to take on contracts, fight enemies and collect new tech to design and build your own spaceship.

In Landinar: Into the Void you create your own adventure. You decide what to do, who to talk to, who to fight and how big (or small) your space ship is going to be!


  • The quadrant: Explore the quadrant of Landinar: into the Void any way you like. Travel to 10+ (with more to come) different sectors to find new people, tech and different types of enemies.
  • Build your own spaceship: Gather hull templates and parts to design and build your own ship. Do you prefer speed or gunpower? Build your ship to match your personal playing style.
  • Seamless scaling: Dock your ship, walk around a station, get into the cockpit and seamlessly fly out into space whenever you feel like it.
  • Enjoy the universe at your own pace: Decide where to go, who you work for and how you complete your objectives.

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