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"Late Shift uses an awesomely innovative idea in a game that revolves around a young man being pulled into a deadly heist. The lack of normal gameplay elements makes it a very different kind of game, but it's a fun and compelling sprint for anyone who likes a good story."
70/100 - Jen Karner

"Late Shift is an interesting update on the idea of the interactive movie. While it brings decent tv-quality production values and soap opera level acting to a genre notoriously riddled with far worse, it still doesn't do enough to stand out as a film, nor offer enough interactivity as a game. There's potential for this template, but the interactivity needs to be much more ambitious."
40/100 - Neil Bolt

"Late Shift would be a fine movie, although it would falter from an odd lack of direction from time to time. As a game, though, Late Shift just feels too disconnected from the player to justify even giving them control. It does allow you to steer the story, and on occasion it feels like the decisions that have been made actually mattered. Still, the player's involvement just feels like the movie occasionally wondering where it should go."
60/100 - Thom Compton

"For fans of the interactive movie genre, Late Shift is, without a single doubt, a product worthy of its price tag. Those grown tired of the usual flaws of this flavour of games, however, beware, as these make their appearance here too, with choices rarely changing things as much as they should."
60/100 - Ofisil

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Late Shift is a high stakes FMV crime thriller. After being forced into the robbery of a lucrative auction house, mathematics student Matt is left proving his innocence in the brutal London heist. Your choices will have consequences from the very start, right through to the very end. One small decision could change the entire outcome in a choose-your-own-adventure style gameplay that can lead to one of seven conclusions.

Written by the author of Sherlock Holmes (2009 film), experience a gripping live-action crime thriller with a total of over 180 decision points. Do you steal the car or do you run away? Do you follow orders or sabotage the plan? You’ll have just seconds to decide as the film continues to roll with no pauses and no looping footage.

Shot in full HD, Late Shift’s cinematic experience blends the line between movies, games and interactive storytelling.

Your Decisions Are You

• Multi-optional Storytelling: One story, countless storylines, seven endings.
• A completely live action, cinematic interactive thriller, filmed in full HD in London, England.
• Over 180 decision points in total with no pauses and no looping footage.
• Directed by Tobias Weber, and written by Michael R. Johnson, author of Sherlock Holmes (2009 film)
• Acting performances by Joe Sowerbutts (Matt), Haruka Abe (May-Ling) and Oliver Twist’s Richard Durden (Samuel Parr).

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