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"A charming watery theme park management game where fish are friends, not food. Until they eat each other or you forget to feed them."
86/100 - Philippa Warr

"Megaquarium is everything you expect from a building sim the added bonus of camera movement that enhances your entire experience."
79/100 - Kiwi

"As a tycoon game, Megaquarium strikes a very nice balance between having too much complexity vs. not having enough depth to remain entertaining. While micromanagement is not required, you do still have a lot of decision making to do. Fortunately, no in-depth knowledge of fish is required."
80/100 - Dave Gamble

"Megaquarium gives you the chance to run your own aquarium and figure out how to make fish the best thing since sliced bread"
80/100 - Zack Palm

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Release is just the beginning

(A note from the developer)

Thank you to everyone for the amazing response in the run up to release. This note is to let players know what my plans are in the coming weeks after launch.

Directly after launch I’ll most likely be working flat out working on bug fixes, optimisation and user interface improvements in reaction to feedback from players.

After that there are a couple of fundamental features that still need to be implemented. These are:

  • Cloud save
  • Steam workshop/mod support

After that is when things start to get really interesting, with the potential for new content and ways to play the game. I’ll be deciding what’s next based on your feedback so be sure to let me know what you’d love to see in the game!


(Developer, Twice Circled)

About the Game

From the creator of Big Pharma comes a brand new economic simulation game. Megaquarium follows in the footsteps of classic theme park management tycoon games and adds an aquatic spin!

A living simulation

Starting with just a few tanks and the most basic of livestock, you’ll grow your aquarium to a thronging metropolis filled with hundreds of guests, tens of staff and a multitude of different aquatic lifeforms, each with their own unique care requirements.

Design your exhibits

Megaquarium features almost 100 different marine species including fish, sharks, crustaceans, corals, jellyfish, other invertebrates and even a turtle! You’ll be spoilt for choice as you design, decorate and populate your tanks.

The right staff for the job

You won’t get far without the right staff. Choose who to hire based on their skills and future potential. Will you train up a team of multi-disciplined staff or a set of super-focussed experts? You’ll have to weigh up the pros and cons of each strategy and work out what is right for your aquarium.

Research new animals and technology

As guests experience your displays you’ll earn points which you can assign to discovering new livestock and equipment. Keep upgrading and expanding your aquarium and work your way up to the most prestigious animals and displays in the aquarium industry.

Manage your finances

The latest fish might look cool, but have you considered its impact on your aquarium’s bottom line. Tricky animals may require new staff to be hired, expensive fish food or supplements and the best tanks are a hefty investment! As aquarium curator you’ll need to master creativity and economics to succeed.

Manage your guests!

Keep your guests happy by providing them with seating, food, drinks and toilet facilities. Then at the end of their visit, direct them through the gift shop to boost your profits!

Curator school

Start your career in the campaign mode where you’ll learn everything you need to know about designing and managing an aquarium. Each of the 10 levels challenges you to build an aquarium with unique gameplay conditions and objectives, while new features and concepts are explained along the way.

Dive into the sandbox

Next explore sandbox mode where, with customisable settings and a random challenge generator, you can find virtually unlimited fish-related gameplay!

Easy to learn, difficult to master

Running an inefficient aquarium is easy. To really thrive and take on the greatest challenges you’ll need a lateral thinking brain and attention to detail. Will you group your animals by food type, water quality or something else entirely? Will you locate your equipment in a centralised hub using pumps or spread them out embracing the zoning system? How will you optimise your layout so that visitors can find your tanks and staff can easily access them?

Every decision you make in Megaquarium has consequences. Your choice of animals, filters, tanks, staff and layout all have subtle and far reaching effects on each other. Experiment, adjust, learn, reapply and most importantly, have fun!


  • 10 level ‘learn the game’ campaign
  • Sandbox mode with full customisation and random challenge generator
  • 97 species of livestock to discover each with their own unique care requirements
  • Over 100 different objects to place including filters, skimmers, nitrate reactors, chillers, heaters, food boxes, equipment stations, doors, gates, food and drink dispensers, balloon stands, decorations, paint and more!
  • Plan staff talks down to the subject, time and frequency to increase your point income even further!
  • Gift shop and guest facilities
  • Fully featured theming and decoration system

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