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Mini Battlegrounds is a multiplayer last-man-standing battle royale full of adrenaline-packed combat! With simple controls, this game is easy to pick up for new players, while maintaining a high skill cap to entertain the seasoned veterans of the genre.

Using an isometric view rather than the traditional first-person view that is so common to the genre adds a unique feel to the game that separates it from its competitors, and adds a new layer of strategy and skill.

Join up to 50 other players in an abandoned town with one goal: survive. Gather armor, a plethora of weapons and other unique boosts, and use them to slay your enemies. It’s kill or be killed, and only one person will be left alive; you.

Mini Battlegrounds shakes the dynamic of the genre, being heavily optimized to combat cheating, where similar titles fail. Whether you choose to be a casual player and focus on collecting rare skins and beautiful cosmetics, or a God on the battlegrounds, skill reigns supreme, and you must forge your own destiny.


  • Intuitive control, easy to learn yet hard to master
  • Vast amounts of weapons with more added frequently
  • Fast games with meaningful rewards
  • No pay-to-win
  • Anti-Cheating optimization so true skill shines

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Love how you have the same sounds as CS:GO

We need this on mobile !

the best game! :D

Give key ?

is fine, but is more expensive, i special in the time of "freeto pay"

Hat Is the fsk?

What engine was this game created on?

is really good
game song?

Esta muy caro

esperando el juego xD falta 9 dias :3

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