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Outcast – Second Contact Steam CD key Reviews

"A great remaster of a forgotten almost-classic, but most of its flaws were already obvious 18 years ago and this does little to improve any of them."
60/100 - GameCentral

"From most angles, Adelpha has never looked better. But certain assets, animations, and audio keep Outcast - Second Contact closer to 1999 than the 'remake' tag might suggest."
60/100 - Paul Younger

"When Outcast Second Contact was announced I was jumping with glee, one of my favourite games of the 90's finally being remade for the modern age. If only the team had spent more time fixing the performance issues before release."
50/100 - Aaron Varshney

"An awesome opportunity to live again this awesome 3D adventure. Outcast: Second Contact is the base of many of the exploration adventures today, but also a game that needed more work in order to offer playable improvements, specially in fields like the caracter's movement. On the other hand, we can se stunning landscapes."
70/100 - Jose A. Rodríguez

Reviews by OpenCritic.com

Take the role Cutter Slade, a tried and tested elite soldier, and explore the planet Adelpha with complete freedom. As you journey in this magnificent world, where magic and science mix, discover exotic cities, face fierce enemies and attempt to learn the secrets of an advanced civilization. Make the correct choices in this systemic, living world, because the destiny of these two universes depends on your success.

Through hundreds of quests, the vast open world of Outcast – Second Contact offers epic-scale adventure.

  • Start your adventure in complete freedom in this vast open world.
  • Progress at your own pace through different quests available at any time.
  • Face the Talans head-on in daring combat or play the infiltration card.
  • Master an arsenal of evolving weapons and high-tech gadgets, adapt your strategy to fit your situation.
  • Change the balance of the forces on Adelpha. Outcast – Second Contact takes place on a living world where your actions have direct and visible consequences on the ecosystem.

Take off on a fantastic voyage to Adelpha, a bewitching world populated by extraordinary creatures and the home planet of the Talans, an advanced alien civilization.

  • Explore 6 different continents on foot or on the shoulders of a Twôn-Ha, and penetrate into wild lands unknown to humans.
  • As you initiate yourself into the culture of an alien civilization, you are brought into the heart of Talan society: negotiate with the merchants of Riss, parley with rebel forces or follow the mystic path of the grand Shamaz.
  • Each encounter, each event is an invitation to adventure in this thrilling world.

In the near future, humanity has discovered that it is not alone in the universe – or rather universes. Alas, the first contact with intelligent beings turns disastrous when a probe sent by the US government is destroyed by the natives of a world called Adelpha. The incident creates an energy cataclysm which threatens to destroy the Earth. You are Cutter Slade, a Navy SEAL sent on a mission to Adelpha to find and repair the probe, in order to prevent this catastrophe. Welcomed by natives as the “Ulukai” – a messiah of an ancient prophecy – you will discover that the futures of Adelpha and the Earth are now linked.

  • More than 50 hours of adventure within a dynamic and fast-paced story.
  • Confront bloodthirsty tyrants and deliver freedom to a people under the yoke of oppression.
  • Take the role of Cutter Slade, a charismatic and bluntly spoken hero.

Outcast – Second Contact is the complete remake of the cult title Outcast. As the first 3D open world in the history of video games and pioneer in the modern action-adventure genre, the 1999 release won over 100 awards including adventure game of the year.

  • The Outcast universe completely redone with modern graphics.
  • Combat even more dynamic with new moves: dodges, rolls, sprint and cover system.
  • New hidden areas divulging some of the most hotly debated mysteries of Adelpha by the fans of the original game.

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In 1999 I was 5, so obviously I've never played it. Admittedly the game does look bad in terms of graphics, but the gameplay looks interesting. I might end up buying it at some point.

longest opening cinmatic I've waited through in a a while. fuck

If you go to the steam forums you can download an "intro.mp4" that you can put in the Second Contact game folder to give you the 1999 CG intro version.

Oh I see their mouths do move

The men's mouths are not moving lel. I'm still getting it tho I'll keep watching the video ok I'll do just what you ask.

Oh fug! I was following the development of this years ago, and now I missed the release!

"You are a pile of gorgor zort!"

I didn't care too much for the opening intro cinematic but I think they needed to do it. If they had left the original 3D intro it would have clashed with the improved graphics. Overall it looks like they did a pretty nice job. Not a $30.00 improvement but I will most likely pick this up on sale. It looks good.

That intro animation made me want to puke! The original was the top notch animation of that time and it still looks better than this! But at least the graphics in the gameplay look better and more detailed and even if they use slightly modified animations from the original. The original sounds don't sound that bad actually but I still hope they would remake the sound effects. I can't blame the game developers though. They didn't get much funding for making this remake, sadly. Hopefully they haven't given up and they keep improving this version more and more!

Why are you playing with a controller? This is clearly a game made with mouse and keyboard in mind first. (juist as any FPS or TPS that has you managing the camera).. I can see you are having the traditional "stutter" camera movement that controllers bring to the table.. lacking that smooth finesse of a mouse. I was intending to watch this LP but it irks me so much I am unsure if I can stand this for hours without getting irritated all the time.. unless you change control method soonish in one of the next videos? Also you can still prone. Check the controls.

This game just seems like a huge scam.

bought this 5 mins ago

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