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"Interesting political jaunt, but can feel repetitive"
60/100 - games™ Team

"That said, it won't be for everyone. It demands significant patience while you gradually learn the ropes, and certain mechanics remain frustrating even at the best of times. Others will be put off by the strange UI decisions, including a steadfast refusal to cater to widescreen resolutions. But for those able to overlook its quirks, there's real pleasure to be had here."
70/100 - Iain Cooper

"There are no points for playing Rogue State like a Lib-Dem backbencher"
80/100 - Jamie Parry-Bruce

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Rogalia is a craft-based sandbox RPG with an open world fantasy setting influenced and created by players. Engage in a PvE orientated world with simple but hard to master combat system with optional PvP in arenas, battleground and full drop areas. Live the simple life and be a crafter and farmer to tend to crops, breed animals and create food to gain essential vitamins to develop your character using the unique vitamin/stat system. Whatever you choose, Rogalia has thousands of recipes to help enhance your character and last but not least, make your land into the home you always wanted.


– Character levelling is based on vitamins gained from meals.

– Every attribute of your character may reach maximum value.
– You may share your rented patch with other players.
– Free economics developed by players.
– Crafted items have durability and quality attributes. Their values depend on your skill.
– A plenty of recipes and skills: craft, animal breeding, monster hunt, building and many more!


– An open PvP world with 3 undeground layers and PvE-protected areas (towns and rented patches).

– Vitamins, gear and bag loss after death.
– Loss-free arena to fight people with no death fees. Battlefields and dungeons to hunt some good loot.
– Terraforming.

18+ game content

Smoking, booze, gluttony, chance games, promiscuity and, last but not least, a payment for these sins: from hangover to STDs.

" We are the team of two who make it and put a lot of heart in it, so we already have a spectacular community who will kindly help you with the sayings and doings.
Welcome to the Rogalia World!"

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