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"A game which offers a lot of depth for player choice, but poor execution makes all the effort feel pointless. Earth's Dawn tries to make up for its lack of content with too much repetitive gameplay."
40/100 - Sian Bailey

"The game is very addictive, the graphics are really vibrant and great despite its post-apocalyptic backdrop. The missions offer a nice variety and can be replayed to get better ranks. The crafting system is simple and fun. The gameplay is solid and very entertaining. After reading my Earth’s Dawn review you’ve surely realized this is a must-have on PS4, so be sure to download it today!"
95/100 - Tracey

"Earth's Dawn has an unusual visual style and an enjoyable role-playing system, though a boring plot, poorly developed characters and a hundred of silly side quests reducing all efforts to zero. It is a good game for killing your time, but the developers forgot to release a portable version, with which its short sessions would be much more appreciated."
50/100 - xtr

"Earth's Dawn is the perfect example of a videogame with good ideas. It is entertaining, however, it does not achieve the goal to become a big installment in the genre. It is good, but not great."
70/100 - Juanma García

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From the writer of “Teleglitch: Die More Edition” comes Shortest Trip to Earth, a roguelike spaceship simulator featuring exploration, ship management, game-influencing decision-making and real-time tactical battles.

Onboard combat against hostile intruders is a messy business

Explore a detailed and deadly universe

Embark on a perilous journey through a procedurally generated universe and explore massive space sectors crawling with exotic lifeforms. Engage in action-packed tactical combat against hostile ships, boarding parties and inter-dimensional space monsters.

Each ship comes with its own strengths and weaknesses

Master the art of survival by customising your ship with modular components and perks. Choose from a range of spaceships and manage life within your vessel – from crew, pets and drones to ship modules and weapons. Shape your journey through hundreds of multiple-choice events, featuring unique hand-drawn illustrations.

A selection of crew types

Shortest Trip to Earth features unforgiving permadeath, but you can unlock perks to increase the odds of survival on your next run.

Key Features

  • Master the art of survival in unexplored space!
  • Traverse a procedurally generated universe full of intrigue
  • Ship customisation & crew management
  • Epic real-time tactical space battles
  • Onboard combat, featuring hostile intruders, drones and battle-hardened pets
  • Hundreds of random events with unique outcomes
  • Uncover fascinating and exotic stories from across the universe

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