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"The actual gameplay, despite its insane difficulty spike once you play on anything but easy, is actually really fun."
70/100 - Mike Splechta

"Overall KickBeat is an entertaining and smartly priced addition to the burgeoning rhythm game catalogue. The gameplay has an assuredness to it that rewards repeated play and feels like a learning experience. Once you factor in the Beat Your Music mode this one goes down as a bargain for fans of the genre, particularly those with a hefty catalog of MP3s."
80/100 - Joffy S

"The last decade saw the rise of popular rhythm games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero. With that craze now long dead the rhythm game genre is attaching itself to other gaming genres. KickBeat – Special Edition is one of these games which strives to straddle the line between the beat'em up and rhythm genre and strikes just the right chord in its execution. Zen Studios has put together a package that's both visually appealing and absolutely fun to play."
90/100 - Jason Lepine

"KickBeat: Special Edition is a solid enough game, but it never does anything beyond its initial concept to make it feel unique. Decent presentation and a comical plot help to balance out boring gameplay and a disappointing soundtrack, culminating in a release that neither looks good nor bad on the dancefloor."
50/100 - Graham Banas

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Species: Artificial Life Real Evolution is an evolution simulator that allows you to create, destroy, observe and tinker with life on it’s never ending, harsh march of refinement! Simulated from the very first principles of evolutionary science:


  • Every creature is uniquely defined by its genes.


  • Child creatures are slightly randomly modified versions of their parent(s).

Natural Selection

  • The environment affects every creature in their struggle to survive.

Observe or Guide

Whether you just want to observe, watch and study as the tree of life constructs itself from a single species, or you want to be an active influence on the development of the species in the game, the choice is up to you! Take a hands-on approach by using the nursery, an isolated area where you can tinker with the gene pool to your heart’s content. Use rovers to decide which creatures get to eat today and which ones starve! Create global catastrophes like an ice-age or a world-spanning flood to weed out the most vulnerable species. Or simply sit back and watch the life-and-death saga unfold!

Tell Your Story

However you treat your evolutionary sandbox, we give you the tools to tell it’s story! View every single evolutionary step in detail using the clade diagram, see where each species are living using the satellite map, get a better picture of how varied your gene pool actually is with the web of life, and view every possible detail on each creature using the creature inspection tools.

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