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"I liked Super Lucky's Tale for its cute charm and textbook platforming"
69/100 - Jason Fanelli

"A complete and joyful platformer, recommended for the little ones or those who expect classic playability. Its lack of ideas and several technical constraints hamper its success."
77/100 - Daniel Quesada

"Super Lucky's Tale is a charming and sweet indie platformer that provides hours of retro platforming joy. It's probably had far too much weight put upon its shoulders as the Xbox One X's sole launch title, and is by no means perfect; a fact that's been amplified by the recent antics of a dungaree-wearing plumber. However, while the genre has undoubtedly moved on, taken on its own merit Super Lucky's Tale is simple, inescapable fun."
70/100 - Dominic Leighton

"Super Lucky's Tale looks and sounds pleasant, and its charming world and characters will appeal to younger audiences. However, despite getting the basics right, some gameplay and overall design concerns lead the game down a few wrong foxholes."
65/100 - Alex Varankou

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Gilly Island

Super Lucky’s Tale, returns with an all-new chapter. Join Lucky as he journeys to the tropical resort of Gilly Island where Lady Meowmalade has hijacked the festivities and is throwing the greatest (worst) party ever. Help save the toursists’ vacation before Meowmalade ruins their fun and ultimately destroys the Book of Ages!

Guardian Trials

It’s Training Day in Foxington! Lucky’s back in Guardian Trials, a dazzling new chapter for Super Lucky’s Tale. Together with a lively cast of coaches, Lucky’s big sister Lyra has set up Lucky with a series of insurmountable challenges that only a true Guardian could conquer. Join Lucky as he puzzles, burrows, leaps, and rolls through a hilariously retro bootcamp that’s tougher than any epic training montage!

About the Game

Welcome to Adventure!

Super Lucky’s Tale is a delightful, playground platformer for all ages that follows Lucky, the ever-optimistic, energetic, and lovable hero, on his quest to find his inner strength and help his sister rescue the Book of Ages from Jinx. Jinx is the scheming and mysterious villain trying to reshape the world, but for what reason?

Along the way, encounter a hilarious supporting cast of friends and adversaries. Lucky must confront the nefarious Kitty Litter, Jinx’s mischievous kids – self-taught villains who might not be getting Jinx’s plans quite right. Lucky meets friends and allies along the way too. He meets misplaced Yetis, Kookie Spookies, a village of farming worms, and other colorful friends inhabiting the Book of Ages.

Test your skills with puzzles and nerve-wracking obstacle courses. Explore hidden secrets of new worlds with Lucky’s signature burrow move. Dive into unpredictable foxholes, or try devilish side scrolling challenge levels to unlock additional rewards.

Head back to the era of classic platformers with challenges players of all skill levels and all ages can enjoy.

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