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"Ice Cream Surfer is a reasonably fun little timewaster, and at a time where shoot 'em ups are fewer and further between, some diehard shooter fans might feel like this is worth a punt. A far cry from the great 2D shooters of the past, though, it offers surprisingly little, it can be frustratingly cheap, it doesn't run without flaws despite it coming nowhere close to challenging the hardware, and unforgivably it lacks any substantial form of recording high scores. It's a budget title, but there's far better things on the eShop to spend that fiver on."
50/100 - Dan Stanyon

"Ice Cream Surfer tells the story of a maniacal vegetable hell bent on destroying the sugary world of the flying gelato-influenced heroes, but just as fast food and candy treats are light on essential nutrients and likely to do you more harm than good, this is a game that is probably best left on the shelf, with other far more healthy options available to the discerning shooter fan."
50/100 - Sean Smith

"Ice Cream Surfer gets some of the basics right and offers players a crazy, wacky world, with colourful locales and varied, interesting enemies. Unfortunately, the game built around that world is just not particularly fun to play, with little challenge, poor presentation, some annoying gameplay quirks and almost no replay value. Had it spent more time in development or perhaps received more money from its crowdfunding campaign, this might have been an enjoyable title, but as it is right now it's best to keep it in the freezer."
40/100 - Marcel van Duyn

"Ice Cream Surfer is a fun little shoot'em up, and is both wonderful to look at and play. With only six levels it is a short adventure, though the game is really playable. It is sad that online leaderboards were not included as it would have rounded out the experience nicely. Bugs aside, the creativity of the title does shine through."
70/100 - Daan Koopman

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Tired of tons of wave VR zombie shooter games?
Do you think what you played so far is somehow too arcade?

Forget what you played so far, SURV1V3 is a unique realistic zombie survival fps game expressly designed for virtual reality that will let you truly test your survival skills. Play the thrilling story in single mode or coop with your friends (up to 3 players) and survive to the apocalypse!

It’s over a year since V1V3 case zero has been reported. Starting from 14th November 2018, a mutated Saedornavirus spread his deadly effects among world killing billions of people.
Who survived is lonely, struggling in a devastated world, fighting for his life against infecteds…

Will humanity survive to V1V3?
Someone is supposing a cure can be found…

Fire, run, hide yourself, picklock, pretend to be a zombie, be smart, plan your moves and coordinate with your teammates!

SURV1V3 is this and much more… starting from infamous Santa Carla city, escaping through its narrow rotten sewers… an endless run through creepy scenarios, scary situations and challenging tasks, until you’ll meet the mysterious man who will save the world.


  • no hud at all to be immersive as much as possible, any option/dialogue/interaction menu is managed through a realistic military tablet;
  • real life full simulated weapons (e.g. bullet physics, reload gestures, recoil&bloom effects);
  • melee weapons;
  • manually attach/remove weapons accessories;
  • friendly fire;
  • smart mechanics (e.g. disguise as zombie ability), pushing player to a nonlinear approach to gameplay;
  • fully simulated player’s body;
  • +20 zombie models, with full dismemberment and realistic perception system;
  • huge and full explorable levels;
  • full locomotion;
  • up to 3 players cooperative story mode;
  • more than 4 hours of gameplay in thrilling story mode.

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is this a Survival open world game?

he he he he he Johnny they are in the trees!

Does saving game in a safe house even work?????.mine does not!

Love the game devil

Quite a few NATO members (mostly ex-Warsaw Pact ones) have Hinds in their inventories, so maybe the crisis is only confined to the states and the rest of NATO came to help ?

None of those M9’s he dropped were out of ammo, Devil forgot to rack a round into the chamber

None of those M9’s he dropped were out of ammo, Devil forgot to rack a round into the chamber

Play Contagion VR: Outbreak

As soon as that armory opened, it was like. Oh fuck. This is the adult equivalent of a kid in a candy shop.

More VR games need to have arms and the body, thats the whole point of VR, to feel like your in the game! This looks cool but its awfully quiet, like theres no ambient music or maybe the sound was just too low?

DDG and VR, a match made in heaven...

...ever since he ran into his shelf playin Onward. <g>