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"Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice has a forgettable story and some rather tedious, but optional, side missions."
60/100 - Kirstin Swalley

"Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice is - rather like its predecessor - a solid effort and worth consideration on 3DS. The core campaign blends a variety of styles, with the main stages employing an enjoyable mix of exploration and puzzle solving with moments of satisfying momentum and speed. There are some slightly disappointing downsides, and it's a game that occasionally feels constrained rather than supported by its source material. Overall, however, it deserves credit for what it does well, and should certainly be tempting to fans of the show and also broader Sonic enthusiasts willing to accept its limitations."
60/100 - Thomas Whitehead

"Fire and Ice just isn't a good game. While its platforming may be mechanically sound, the game just tries to do too much - and fails at most of it. If you're looking for a return to form for Sonic the Hedgehog, Fire and Ice unfortunately isn't it."
39/100 - Geoffrey Tim

"Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice is a very fun game. It will receive a lot of hate for simply being a Sonic Boom title, but you can tell Sanzaru Games was determined to deliver a quality 2D Sonic game. While not without a few major problems, Sonic fans and fans of the show will definitely enjoy this game for what it is. If one can get past the fact that Sonic Boom now has more titles in it than the Sonic Adventure series, they can find this very engaging and enjoyable handheld experience with this game."
80/100 - Tomas Franzese

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You can check tracks from DJMAX Series and TAPSONIC Series as well as STEAM’s original new tracks.

-How to play

Select track and difficulty, and clear notes floating down from the top with perfect timing.
Long note can be cleared by holding the appropriate key.
For the long notes with changing lane, you have to hold the key and change in the middle to other appropriate button.
If you clear arrow-shaped note, number of lines will change for more dynamic enjoyment.

We will update new contents and new tracks in the future.

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