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"The Hex is a really solid game that does a lot of very creative things. It's definitely worth the asking price. However, it certainly won't set your loins on fire and leave you dry humping the air for more. It's an enjoyable jaunt with some cool ideas. Nothing more, nothing less."
70/100 - Kevin Mersereau

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In a creaky old tavern, in a forgotten corner of the video game universe, a storm is raging. The barkeep gets a patchy phone call. It’s hard to tell what the caller is saying, but this much is clear: someone in The Six Pint Inn is planning a murder.

There are six patrons; all of them are video game protagonists trying to escape their past… But The Six Pint Inn has a way of bringing back old memories. Each flashback plays out in an entirely different genre, sometimes blending multiple. By exploring these memories you may discover the identity of the murderer… or you may learn much darker secrets.

In The Hex you will…

  • Control the six patrons and explore The Six Pint Inn
  • Delve into the memories of these cast-aside game protagonists to learn the truth of their past
  • Learn the identity of the would-be murderer… as well as the victim

The Hex takes roughly 6 hours to complete on the first playthrough.

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