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Town of Night is a First-Person Dungeon Crawler inspired by games like Shining in the Darkness, Etrian Odyssey, Diablo and Wizardry.
In Town of Night you play as Corr Algrimm. Hero, Scholar, ladies’ man and expert Sword fighter – All self proclaimed.

Corr is visiting the Town of Night, a strange little town that makes money with Dungeon and Monster hunting tourism, to find out where the monsters are coming from.

In Town of Night you can recruit different members to your party to go dungeon crawling like you want to.
Remember to bring Ink and Paper to draw your own map and try not to die.


  • 5-10 Hour Campaign
  • 6 Different Recrutable Heroes
  • Looting and Levelling
  • First Person Dungeon Crawling

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