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"While Transference offers something unique in how it utilises sound, throwing in the mechanic of switching between alternate realities for puzzle solving, it sadly falls flat in its narrative and doesn't offer much to encourage you to come back and explore."
65/100 - Dean Abdou

"It won't be a defining PS VR title, but it has interesting ideas and shows the potential of Spectravision on the VR medium. As their first game, its a decent offering that leave us dreaming with what they can achieve in the future. As an adventure it's a little bit simple, but if has "something" that, we hope, will grow on future productions."
77/100 - Alberto Lloret

"Transference is an ambitious experience that feels a little bit late to the party. It has an interesting premise and an atmospheric, well realised world brought to life with gusto, especially if playing in virtual reality. But despite all of this, it never truly transcends the slew of similar games that came before it and is over much too quickly."
70/100 - James Mitchell

"Transference is an enjoyable thriller that retains its effectiveness in a non-VR setting. Despite gameplay simplicity and underutilized live-action videos, the strong atmosphere and a few memorable scenes help this sci-fi adventure leave a lasting mark."
70/100 - Alex Varankou

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Available in VR and Non-VR.

Imagine an escape room set in a deranged mind. Experience a first-person exploration game in a chilling new dimension. Shift between three perspectives of a family in this troubled scientist’s experiment, and attempt to unravel the mystery hiding in this mind-bending psychological thriller.

Project yourself into a narrative experience that combines movies with gaming, as you become immersed in an unsettling psychological thriller.

Recover a fragmented family as you shift between the corrupted consciousness of each individual’s perspective and attempt to piece together their mystery.

In this first-person narrative mystery, you must explore the walls of this family’s home to interpret events and discover your truth.

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