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"This game has amazing graphics, but it has been created for a very specific kind of public. It lacks content and the physics of TT Isle of Man are not good enough for the ones that we see nowadays."
75/100 - Josep Carceller

"It is a pity that the alarming lack of content tarnishes the great gameplay and graphics of the new Kylotonn game."
70/100 - David Soriano

"TT Isle of Man is a good motorcycle racing game, realistic and very demanding. As long as you are completely in love with the legendary Isle of Man, it can even become a must."
70/100 - Vincent Elmer-Haerrig

"Containing an impressive adaptation of the Isle of Man's Snaefell Mountain Course, TT Isle of Man Racing: Ride on the Edge will be attractive to motorcycle nuts looking for a new experience. But its high asking price, repetitive career mode, and lack of any online community means that everyone else can simply pass this by."
50/100 - Sam Brooke

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For bikers, there are two types of speed races: the Isle of Man TT and the rest. No other race is as gruelling for the motorbikes and demanding for the riders. Take up the challenge of the Snaefell Mountain course: all 37.73 miles faithfully reproduced with the champions and their bikes.
110 years of history have made TT a motor racing legend. Memorise each section of the course, round each bend to perfection, keep your concentration throughout the 6 laps, get the best time and write your name alongside the greatest champions.

• THE SNAEFELL MOUNTAIN COURSE FAITHFULLY REPRODUCED: 37.73 miles of roads and 264 bends for a race that is longer and more difficult than all GP circuits together.
• THE OFFICIAL RIDERS AND THEIR ULTRA-POWERFUL MOTORBIKES: 25 riders and 38 motorbikes hurtling along mountain roads at over 180 mph.
• REALISTIC RIDING APPROVED BY TT RIDERS: lifelike motorbike behaviour to experience the real sensations of riding, just like on the actual course.

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