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Valkyrie Connect, the high-fantasy RPG game downloaded over 19 million times worldwide, has LIMIT BURSTED onto PC for the first time ever!

・Streamlined yet deep RPG experience
・Tons of Heroes to collect and numerous ways to upgrade them
・Co-op Connect Battles against gigantic bosses
・Raid battles with up to 20 players

-What is Valkyrie Connect?
It’s a Japanese RPG set in a world that’s basically an anime version of Norse mythology. There are tons of Heroes to collect and upgrade, ranging from standard fantasy fare like Elves and Dwarves to Jotun and Aesir and whatever Garm is. Some kind of Doggo, we think.

-What’s that Limit Burst thing mentioned a few lines up?
All Heroes in the game have unique skills and something called a Limit Burst. Limit Bursts are flashy abilities that can swing the tide of battle. Assigning multiple Heroes with the same Limit Burst to your party increases the Limit Burst’s strength, which adds another layer of strategy to party building. Both skills and Limit Bursts can be activated with a few quick clicks, letting you focus on timing.

-Tell me more about upgrading Heroes.
WHERE TO BEGIN. You can level them up, of course. You can upgrade their star rating by collecting their souls. You can attach orbs to upgrade certain stats. You can equip them with gear to give them extra abilities. Gear can also be upgraded separately, by the way. Certain Heroes can also be ""awakened"", which grants them new passive skills. Basically, you take your parties from lil’ babby weaklings to powerhouses that can take down literal gods. Their power scores get bigger, and you feel better.

-Connect Battles… What are those about?
They’re co-op battles that you can run in real time with your friends. The bosses in these battles are big. Real big. Connect Battles are the heart of Valkyrie Connect (it’s even in the title!), and this is where you can put your fancy powered up heroes to the test. Many of our players spend hours each day running them together.

-20-player raids… those sound fun.
They are! The bosses are even bigger than Connect Battle bosses. Bet. Those drop materials that let you craft artifacts, which are special pieces of gear you can equip on your Heroes.

[Price]Free to play
*In-game purchases are available

*Please read the End-User License Agreement (EULA) from the in-game menu before playing

*Character voices are not available in the PC version of Valkyrie Connect

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