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Warriors of Vilvatikta is an epic RPG inspired by real Indonesian history.

About the game

The Kingdom of Singhasari was previously a small kingdom centred in east Java. It has now risen to be a great empire, led by an ambitious king named Kertanegara. His dream is to unite the whole archipelago of Nusantara.
Kamandanu a humble blacksmith, who provides weapons for the king Kertanegara’s empire is cast out by his family. Disgraced and alone, Kamandanu embarks on a journey to find and train with his uncle.

Warriors of Vilvatikta – Features:

  • Time-proven, traditional turn based battle system.
  • At least 20 Hours of Gameplay.
  • Travel across the beautiful, vibrant and detailed world of Vivatikta.
  • Embark on an epic quest inspired directly by Indonesian history.
  • Mini Games – complete mini games to unlock secret skills.
  • An all new animated Menu System.
  • Custom Abilities and strategic battles.

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