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"Mass Effect: Andromeda is a huge and addictive game which stands for nearly 100 hours, but unfortunately is suffering from a few irrelevant ideas. If Bioware did not look for changes where they were not needed, the end results would have made a better impression."
75/100 - Adam Grochocki

"Honestly, I'd like to give Mass Effect a higher score. It's a fantastic game in the areas where it's strong. At the same time, it's also got a lot of problems that should not be this visible in a final release. This ultimately feels like a game of wasted potential, which is saying something because the finished product is still damn good."
70/100 - Michael M

"Whether you're new to Mass Effect or a long-time fan like me, there's a passable adventure here. But in order to actually have any fun you'll have to ignore the enormous amounts of chaff and stick to the story."
60/100 - JC Suttun

"Mass Effect Andromeda does not follow the Mass Effect series very closely, yet Bioware has injected it with some of the elements that made the previous entries successful. Yet these elements alone weren't enough to compensate for the empty world, superficial characters, technical issues, and more. The gameplay experience will definitely be unique to each player and the level of enjoyment will depend on how attached the player is to the series."
70/100 - Ali El Sayed

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Enter a new era of storytelling as the power of the critically-acclaimed Frostbite engine brings the visuals, action, emotion, and worlds of Mass Effect Andromeda to life like never before.

Discover an all-new chapter of Mass Effect

Return to the Mass Effect universe once more, this time as the leader of the first humans to venture into the Andromeda galaxy. Explore new worlds and gather allies to your cause. You’ll need them to take on the challenges of this unforgiving region.

Take on a whole new galaxy

Your search for a new home won’t be easy, especially in a place as mysterious and dangerous as Andromeda. Humanity is counting on you, so chart your course carefully.

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Do you guys enjoy the mass effect series? What was the biggest problem you saw with the game and what would you like to see them do differently if they were to attempt to resurrect the series for another go at it?

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Mass Effect was going downhill since ME2. Andromeda isnt even that bad. It's bad sure, but I would argue that ME3 was worse. And no I am not just talking about the ending.

So glad I didn't buy this pile of shit.

"My face is tired"
That one had to be on purpose

The backstory of the ennemy is rushed compared to the first 3 trilogy and that is the reason I won't play Mass effect Andromeda .Also the main character's face isn't interesting, they were ugly. NO offense to the people who are reading this comment. (btw I 'm not english.)

I still think it wasn't THAT shitty, I had kind of a good time with it. But yeah, compared to the other Mass Effects it lacked pretty much everything. It had less of everything.

I've really put in all my effort to give this game the benefit of my doubts. I thought maybe, all I've done was age and games became less exciting. But, this video nails it. It left a lot to be desired. I loved all 3 Mass effects and each played such a great roll in my gaming experience as a mature gamer. But this game was a lot like Diablo 3 in the sense that, there was a lot of hype that the experience didn't live up to.

I'm sorry Bioware, I really tried. I'm only finishing it because I want to prove my current feelings wrong.

I highly disagree with the statement that EA doesn't "deserve" a lot of the hate directed at them. I say this mostly from years of following Jim Fucking Sterling, Son.

Glad I was smart enough to not play this mess. Please people, quit buying EA published, and, or developed games.

As someone who has only played MEA (I was curious about it after I saw a couple of videos showing you could play as male or female and I thought that was refreshing) I guess I should have started with the others but I admit the hate on this one also made me curious to see what made everyone mad.

I have also seen a lot of videos of the previous 3 games and I can see why the fans were angry, those were some solid graphics! I do plan to play them all. But I don´t hate Andromeda quiet as much, I guess I am a meme person because I enjoyed the dumb jokes and the glitches. The idea of a world exploring and world creation was very interesting and honestly if they ever want to develope further the Ryder storyline (with better graphics and writting teams) I am so in, I mean wtf is going to happen with the Kett and who is the damn benefactor and where the hell is the AI from Voeld I so regrectable saved because she isn´t with Sam at the end! Aint gonna happen though, sadly the thing that kills games is always the greedy companies, those EA fatherfuckers want to go lootboxing like everyone else and honestly I am tired of how the gaming industry is going this direction.

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