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Enter a new era of storytelling as the power of the critically-acclaimed Frostbite engine brings the visuals, action, emotion, and worlds of Mass Effect Andromeda to life like never before.

Discover an all-new chapter of Mass Effect

Return to the Mass Effect universe once more, this time as the leader of the first humans to venture into the Andromeda galaxy. Explore new worlds and gather allies to your cause. You’ll need them to take on the challenges of this unforgiving region.

Take on a whole new galaxy

Your search for a new home won’t be easy, especially in a place as mysterious and dangerous as Andromeda. Humanity is counting on you, so chart your course carefully.

Do you guys enjoy the mass effect series? What was the biggest problem you saw with the game and what would you like to see them do differently if they were to attempt to resurrect the series for another go at it?

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Put simply another causality of the Social Justice Wrecking Ball
-Mass Effect Andromeda
-Star Trek Discovery
-Star Wars Last Jedi
-Doctor Who

"The type of game that gives the developer and publisher a PR nightmare and a increasingly poor reputation."

Pre-Battlefront 2 EA: 'Hold my beer.'

Too many people are more about a multiplayer experience. A quick, yet somehow satisfying campaign (if they even bother playing it). & I will never quite understand why, nor will they care how they’re ruining games for those like us.I enjoy multiplayer as well, but it seems that this fever is killing games like these, for those like us that enjoy a great, long, challenging, & rewarding solo experience. Mass Effect may never make a comeback, but I hope, like many, that elder scrolls will revive the industry of games like itself. Not repeat the mistakes of like these.

EA is like - "singleplayer games don't do well! Look, we tried to make one, and it failed! Players don't want singleplayer games anymore!"

It's sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy for them.

ehhhh we got the same cheap ass gaming chair! i recognize that pillow

I'm almost beating the game already

They should have used unreal engine like with previous titles. I never play bioware titles because of huge open worlds, I play them because of the characters, story and dialogue. Random generated worlds work with games like Minecraft or Don't starve, not with story- driven RPGs

What's sad is Andromeda had such a great story to it new Galaxy new stuff to do but EA destroyed it I had fun on there multiplayer but the only way to get anything good is cash and you still might not get anything good they have murdered one of my all-time favorite series but I'd still like to see if they could Salvage the Andromeda Galaxy and not the black hole that they're trying to create

Fuck EA

The fact that I have yet to really see any gameplay, hear about the story, or really find any talk of it on the internet anymore (besides as a "better than Andromeda" joke.) Really says a lot about how much of a flop this game was. A shame to see the shambling husk of a company that EA has turned Bioware into...

I don't believe the engine was the cause of so many of the problems as you so claim. It's been around for a number of years now, and on top of that Dragon Age Inquisition, another RPG made by Bioware 3 years prior to Andromeda was also made on the Frostbite 3 engine and dosen't suffer nearly the amount of problems that this game did.

Andromeda can be saved, but it'll require time, and EFFORT from EA Bioware.

Also... wait... so Anthem was created by the real Bioware team? I might actually be shocked, and look into it AFTER RELEASE... I'm not buying anything off the shelf new anymore.

I liked Mass Effect Andromeda, but ya Bioware Edmonton would've done better work and also f*ck you EA.

I liked the pet pyjack, the new ship, and how the station got more detailed as you completed the story or at least the ambassador part.

Dat walk in 10:08

I'm beginning to wonder if EA will ever make a good game again. There sports titles are always solid, but Battlefront II, Need for Speed, The Sims 4 have just been trash. If EA ever goes out of business I think everyone will look back during this time as their downfall, but the company has a lot of money on reserve, so they still have a lot of time to turn things around.

well didn't help that EA forced frostbite down their throat haven't seen one game use it well unless it is made by dice. wouldn't been surprised if it would have been better if it was made on the unreal engine.....but then again the writing was horrible

The whole situation just upsets me to the point i stopped playing in the middle of playthrough 2 like "What's the point" in playingit when we got screwed over in the end they should have just the franchise alone if they wanted to invest in mmo Rpg fps games

the multiplayer was fun, mostly because that was gameplay and loot grinding. Shame support died for it. I got 2+ years out of ME3's multiplayer, MEA got 5 months