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"Mass Effect: Andromeda is a huge and addictive game which stands for nearly 100 hours, but unfortunately is suffering from a few irrelevant ideas. If Bioware did not look for changes where they were not needed, the end results would have made a better impression."
75/100 - Adam Grochocki

"Honestly, I'd like to give Mass Effect a higher score. It's a fantastic game in the areas where it's strong. At the same time, it's also got a lot of problems that should not be this visible in a final release. This ultimately feels like a game of wasted potential, which is saying something because the finished product is still damn good."
70/100 - Michael M

"Whether you're new to Mass Effect or a long-time fan like me, there's a passable adventure here. But in order to actually have any fun you'll have to ignore the enormous amounts of chaff and stick to the story."
60/100 - JC Suttun

"Mass Effect Andromeda does not follow the Mass Effect series very closely, yet Bioware has injected it with some of the elements that made the previous entries successful. Yet these elements alone weren't enough to compensate for the empty world, superficial characters, technical issues, and more. The gameplay experience will definitely be unique to each player and the level of enjoyment will depend on how attached the player is to the series."
70/100 - Ali El Sayed

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Enter a new era of storytelling as the power of the critically-acclaimed Frostbite engine brings the visuals, action, emotion, and worlds of Mass Effect Andromeda to life like never before.

Discover an all-new chapter of Mass Effect

Return to the Mass Effect universe once more, this time as the leader of the first humans to venture into the Andromeda galaxy. Explore new worlds and gather allies to your cause. You’ll need them to take on the challenges of this unforgiving region.

Take on a whole new galaxy

Your search for a new home won’t be easy, especially in a place as mysterious and dangerous as Andromeda. Humanity is counting on you, so chart your course carefully.

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Do you guys enjoy the mass effect series? What was the biggest problem you saw with the game and what would you like to see them do differently if they were to attempt to resurrect the series for another go at it?

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The developer from EA quit and then E3 came in and ruined Mass Effect Andromeda

4:49 ha ha cracked me up.

I remember a Game that has gone down almost exactly the same way. Vampire Bloodlines a follow up of Vampire redemption. It got the a unfinished Half life engine and the first thing that happened while playing right after release, the game crashes right after the first cut scene. Users fixed that, days later Activision released another patch based on the patch created by players and thats it, no support whatsoever. the team that was working on Vampire Bloodlines was fired, any planes on add-ons or fixes were canceled. Best part of it were comments from the dev`s, found in the source code of the game that explains a part of why and how it could happen. what happened with Andromeda is almost identical.

Remember when ME1 and ME2's dialogue systems ensured that Shepard did not speak until there were dialogue options? It made you feel as if you were Shepard. This is not the case with Andromeda. Multiple times throughout the game, Ryder will say entire sentences and even make decisions that aren't your own by themselves. Talk about the illusion of choice. The entire reason I Love Mass Effect so much is because there are so many options to mold your character into. You can become a ruthless badass, a great leader, or the neutral character. You don't get that type of experience with Andromeda, and no matter what you say in most situations, the result is the exact same. THAT is the death of this franchise.

That's Kawhi Leonard at center, Tony Parker at Left, and probably Manu Ginobli on the right. These are the Star players of the San Antonio Spurs basketball team. When did they do this?

So the frogs ruined everything.

Well. that's all you can expect from the French.

Everything i beat the game but it suck Mass Effect 2 the best game and resistance

Good game, video pointless

You call it murder I call it mercy kill.

Sorry, had to stop less than half way through, because clearly you did not play Mass Effect: Andromeda. The game has its flaws, but what you describe is not the game I played. I admit that I did not play it right out of the gate, so the Andromeda had all the patches. It still had flaws, but nothing like you are suggesting.

Please find a copy of Mass Effect: Andromeda, and not whatever you played in your delusional state.

Oh, and you are right about all the problems that went into the creation of the game, and I blame EA for virtually every problem.

And, in relation to your question below, clearly they need to make Mass Effect: Andromeda 2. By the game they work the game into shape it will have been a very long time, so I think they may want to make a new start...not remake Andromeda, but continue the story from another focal point. Probably start the game immediately after the ending of Andromeda, but with a new character. Maybe someone brought out of cyro and assigned to explore Meridian. I don't know if it is worth trying to procedurally generate it, but give a nice big world to explore and find some secrets.

That would be just the opening chapter of the game. If they wanted to move on in the exploration theme, then you get a ship for surveying planets. There are already several dozen planets from the first game that could be explored more completely looking for resources. There didn't seem to be any that were good candidates for colonization or terraforming, but if you expand the section of the galaxy you can reach, then you would be able to add them.

Save the Jardaan and their enemy for the conclusion of the series, and maybe have a new enemy in this second game, in addition to continued skirmishes with the Kett. But, unlike Mass Effect 2, Andromeda 2 should take major steps towards understanding the Jardaan and what happened to them.

I think that ME Andromeda is a good base for a series to be built on. Not a great base, but a good one.

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