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In Overwatch, you control one of several heroes in competitive 6-person team shooting matches. Battle over objectives, take down the other team, and achieve victory.

Before you begin a game of Overwatch, you’ll need to choose a hero to play.

Maybe controlling a cannon-toting, genetically-engineered ape from the moon appeals to you. Or, you might prefer zipping around as a teleporting, time-traveling freedom fighter. Who do you want to be?

In a time of global crisis, an international task force of heroes banded together to restore peace to a war-torn world: OVERWATCH.

Overwatch ended the crisis, and helped maintain peace in the decades that followed, inspiring an era of exploration, innovation, and discovery. But, after many years, Overwatch’s influence waned, and it was eventually disbanded.

Now, conflict is rising across the world again, and the call has gone out to heroes old and new. Are you with us?

20 what I got over watch for 43 dollars orgins

Im only watching this because...

1. My friend game-shared it to me

2. Ive never played Overwatch.

what edition do you use

I got overwatch origins on a sale where usually it's $80 but I got it for $20

So i cant play overwatch origins edition if i dont have the normal one?

Good for me that I bought it in the uk with 24 pounds

The difference overwatch origins edition is with no blod and rated 12 and overwatch is rated 16 and has minimal blod

I bought standard edition During Anniversary i payed 20 euros instead of 40 euros and today The day when the comment is on i bought Game of the year edition With the 10 boxes for 20 euros i payed 40 euros intotal

Hey dude what do you do next when you bought the Overwatch Origins Edition (PC) from (Forgot stores name xD) cause i did buy it but idk what to do next. Pléasé and thank you. C:

I got it on the Xbox store for same price.

Should I buy this for $50?

Well, I accually got Origins Edition. In this case, can I get the noire skin for Widowmaker ??

I rented this game for my son and we don't have Xbox live.so is this a online game only?

Was this nigga really level 572 in the closed beta or did they change that for the release?

I got origins edition on sale for 29€

In finland normal is 10$ and origins 25$. That's fking worth?

my friend have 40€ game and I want to buy 60€ overwatch. Can we play to same match?

someone a random stranger gave me this games overwatch and now i known why now he said to that this game runs in 60fps so i intersted

I personally think that the new skins (strike team) should have been exclusive to the purchasers of the Origins Edition. Feeling robbed and cheated.

origins edition is on sale through 4-17-17