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PUBG’s newest map, Vikendi has just arrived, and you can get your winter-themed skin game on point with the all-new Survivor Pass!

With more than 300 missions to accomplish and 100 levels to climb, the Survivor Pass allows players to challenge themselves, and in doing so unlock more than 60 new and exclusive items, emotes, skins, and more!

Today we’ll give a short walkthrough on what the new Survivor Pass is all about, and just how easy it is to start earning tons of rewards. All players will have free access to the basic Survivor Pass, found directly in the in-game lobby.

Under the ‘Rewards’ tab, you’ll find the rewards available to everyone, which include BP, items, and skins. Some of these rewards include new cosmetic additions to PUBG, such as the Custom Lightning Racer Helmetor the Woodland Face Camo. Every skin unlocked through Survivor Pass: Vikendi is permanent, and as always, skins and emotes are cosmetic only and do not affect your gameplay.

These are unlocked at specific levels throughout the pass—so play hard, earn enough XP to level up, and claim your awesome rewards!The fastest way to earn the XP you need to level up, is to complete missions, which can be found under the ‘Missions’ tab. You can always come here to browse through the missions list, or even at the start of a game before dropping from the plane by pressing ‘P’.

To learn more about Missions, check out our official post on PUBG. com, linked in the description below. Along with items you earn for free at set levels, a Survivor Rewards box will also be rewarded after every level up. Open it, and you’ll receive a random Blue, Yellow, or White Coupon.

These coupons can be exchanged for exclusive rewards in the brand new Coupon Shop, found under ‘Use Coupons’ here, but you can also find this under the ‘Store’ tab. Stock up on coupons, and exchange them to get into the holiday spirit and style, with items like the Ugly Holiday Hat, Gloves, and Sweater!Coupons and the Coupon Shop will continue to be accessible to all players for free, until the end of the season. For players who want to get the most out of Survivor Pass: Vikendi, a Premium Pass is also available for purchase, granting faster leveling, BP boost opportunities, and additional exclusive rewards.

Premium Passholders can earn one-of-a-kind swag much more often, such as the Tri-Color Snow Jacket and Snow Pants, or the Kubanka and Heavy Fur Coat. You’ll also have the chance to unlock brand new emote sets, letting you celebrate your victories with some flair, with these victory dance emotes. Just don’t get too cocky when there are still enemies around. You can check out all the great exclusive rewards available with the Premium pass, through the in-game lobby.

The Premium Survivor Pass is available for purchase now through Steam or the in-game store. Pick yours up today and blast through Vikendi’s steely atmosphere, and the competition, in style!Survivor Pass: Vikendi lasts for 10 weeks, giving you lots of time to level up and unlock your rewards, but for players who want to save time or get a little boost, instant level packs are also available for sale. When you purchase a 5, 20, or 50 level pack, you’ll immediately receive those levels and the rewards they holdto deck yourself out in the coolest fashion. You can log in now to see the Survivor Pass more in detail, or check out the Survivor Pass website also linked in the description below. Getting PUBG’s coolest rewards has never been easier.

Drop in, level up, and hit the slopes of Vikendi in style!

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